We Know Users

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What We’re All About

Based in London, we are a research and analysis agency providing services to companies around the world.

We Know Users is and always will be a research agency. We are a team with a broad set of research and analysis skills and we are ready to tackle design-related challenges to make an impact on millions of users. At We Know Users, researchers not only revolutionize user experience design, they also routinely work on technological solutions in order to know audiences around the world.

With our research, we work to answer the most challenging questions in design. We reveal what your users need, and explore their real behaviors and motivations. We work with teams of designers, product managers, engineers and other stakeholders to develop new features. We inspire change at all stages of product development by delivering quick, but inspiring oral, written and visual presentations about our findings. Most importantly, our job is to help the UX teams understand what would make users’ experiences feel more intuitive, accessible, fun—and even magical.


  • Berkan Ozden, MA
    Berkan Ozden, MA Founder and Managing Director

    Engineer, UX designer

  • Selda Koydemir, PhD
    Selda Koydemir, PhD Founder and Research Director

    Counselling psychologist, user researcher

Are you a researcher in psychology, sociology, anthropology or design, and interested in user research?